These steps will help you set up jABC4 and install all required software.


For the jABC4 you need a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) for Java 7 or Java 8 installed on your computer. If you already have a JRE or a JDK (Java Development Kit) you can proceed to the next section.

Please note, that in order to generate Java code from jABC4 graph models a JRE is not sufficient and you will instead require a JDK.


After the installation, your jABC4 is completely set up and ready to be used. It already contains a first project which is targeted in the Basic Modeling Tutorial.

Please note: Currently there is an issue with the installation under Windows that may occur when installing jABC4 into a location that contains a space in the path, such as C:\Users\User Name\jABC4. If you use a Windows OS, please make sure to choose an installation path without space characters.

Maven (optional)

Some users may want to use Maven for their projects, which allows to include dependencies to external repositories containing graphs or source code files via Maven to make them available for modeling. Since this can also be achieved by adding the respective jars to a project classpath, Maven is not required for using jABC4.

To set up Maven and use it with jABC4