Unpredicted hurdles in dealing with integration, variability, and interoperability in software development can be overcome via higher-order process engineering. Even in its simplicity-oriented, tamed form, this approach fosters a powerful plug&play discipline, where processes and services are created, stored, passed,


Modern object-oriented programming languages like Java, C#, and Scala have a feature known as parametric polymorphy in type theory. In all three languages this feature is called generics. The HOPE approach interprets processes as a special form of functions reminiscent


In order to shield the modeler from the complexity of features like higher-order, static typing, and generics we provide a preconfiguration feature. Nearly everything (except the control-flow of a process) can be configured, including names, generics, types, context variables, the

jABC4 is the incarnation of HOPE and is available for download.

The modeling environment comes with an entry level project in the Chainreaction domain!

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jABC3 and before...

The jABC framework and its ancestor Agent Building Center (ABC) have a long and successful history. The button will lead you to the project page of the predecessor jABC3