For the complete setup of jABC4 and all required additional software, follow the instructions on the Installation page. This includes downloading and installing all required software, but if you are only interested in the latest jABC4 installer, you can find it on the Download page.

The jABC4 Interface

The overview given on the jABC4 UI page explains the user interface of the jABC4, the names of the different jABC4 menus and areas, and summarizes their functions in short.

Introduction to Chainreaction

An introduction to the example domain in which the basic steps of modeling will be practiced can be found on the Chainreaction page. This overview will explain the Chainreaction game rules and the context in which the exemplary graphs will be modeled.

Basic Modeling Tutorial

The Basic Modeling Tutorial contains a manual how the basic principles of graph modeling can be done in jABC4. This includes the following actions:

After finishing your modeling you can find a short tutorial on how to execute your graph model on the Testing and Running Your Game Strategy page.

Advanced Modeling Tutorial

On the Advanced Modeling Tutorial you find the steps needed to create a new graph model from scratch. This tutorial imparts the knowledge that is needed to create new graph models and use more complex functionalities, such as:

AI Export to JAR

The standalone version of Chainreaction as well as the AI Tournament use AI strategies in form of JAR files. These JARs can be exported from strategy graphs with jABC4 as described in the AI Export tutorial.

AI Tournament

The AI Tournament is a standalone application that uses your generated AI archives to let different strategies play against each other in a visual representation of the outcomes.


The FAQs gathers the most frequently asked questions concerning jABC4 and problems that you may meet.